“You are stronger than you think. Let life prove it to you, as it already has.”

“You are stronger than you think. Let life prove it to you, as it already has.”

My Story

I’ve always been curious about how we function psychologically and what makes some people get over challenging situations easily whilst others struggle with them for a long time.

I had gone through my own fair share of challenges – sexual abuse as a child, my father’s bankruptcy, a three-day plane hijack, my ex-husband’s gambling addiction, etc.

Some I got over whilst others still held me back. 

The search for answers powered my love and lifelong passion for understanding psychology, spirituality and personal development. I spent many years studying (Counselling, NLP, Gestalt, Hypnosis, Eft, Voice Dialogue etc.) learning as many methods and techniques for generating change and overcoming past experiences.

I wanted to understand myself better and help others.

Along the way, I created two successful businesses: a recruitment consultancy providing professionals for blue chip companies and a counselling practice. 

 The counselling covered issues ranging from relationships, stress management, sexual abuse, eating disorders and addictions, to struggles caused by cultural/religious conflicts etc.

I became financially successful, had homes here and abroad and travelled regularly to exotic locations.

After 15 years of running both, I had burned out and was forced to review the imbalanced ways I was living my life.

I felt stressed, dissatisfied, physically exhausted and unhappy. I realised fear had been driving me to work so hard.

I sold my recruitment business and bought my life back; taking time out to slow down, rest, travel and do some soul searching. I wanted a real change and to live a different kind of life.

I didn’t want fear as the motivator

Combining my experience and training as a Coach seemed like a natural next step and living a balanced life the way forward. However, I was determined fear was not going to be the motivator for this next stage of my life, nor be the foundation for my coaching and training business. I experimented with everything I learned. I wanted to live the results in my own life before sharing with others.

After several extensive years of searching, I finally found what I was looking for and trained as a 3 Principles Coach and Trainer. I learnt about the inside out nature of life and how we are naturally made of a deeper intelligence that provides us with the wisdom, insight and clarity to go beyond who we think we are and what we think is possible regardless of circumstances.

Understanding how this highly functional system worked within each of us proved to be a game changer. It made using techniques, focusing on the past and changing thoughts redundant and unnecessary.

What change looked like in me

As I looked in this new direction, I had insights which led to a life-time of habitual thinking, fears and insecurities naturally falling away. I felt lighter, happier and more peaceful. I started to listen to the life that wanted to live through me.

If you are curious about the insights and the inside out understanding that changed my life – read CHANGE – What this meant for Me and how it can help You.

I found the fire to nurture the dreams that were dormant in me. When change takes place from this space, it has a ripple effect on all aspects of our lives, surprising us along the way to live and create in ways that we could not have previously considered, let alone thought possible.

I built a coaching and training business, working with individuals, leaders of SMEs, Addiction centres, Women’s Groups and Charitable organisations.

I became involved with NNECA

(National Network to End Child Abuse). A charity dedicated to preventing abuse through better education and awareness, and empowering both children and adults.



A Utube channel where I could share everything I learnt for free, so, people had access to knowledge that would prevent them from suffering unnecessarily and highlight their true potential. I wanted to support them to live empowered lives and honour who they really are.

I combined social events with LOVENOWTV

Dinner and Dance parties
Charitable Auctions
Women Only Gatherings
Family Entertainment Days
To raise funds for NNECA and to guarantee
I had a social life!

I can help you access the untapped potential of your mind, and create a happy, balanced and fulfilling personal life.

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