“You are more than
who you think You are”

“You are more than
who you think You are”

About You

You are more than

Who you think You are

You are more than

What you think is possible

In your relationships

In your career

In your health

In your life

What if in the depth of your Being

You knew that

But were afraid to believe and trust it?

Take a moment

To reflect on the times in your life

When you just knew

What to do

Without figuring it out

The answers came to you

And you responded with ease

It’s this innate wisdom

This knowing

That is always working

Within you

That, we can explore

In any area of your life you want to experience

Less suffering, angst, insecurity and confusion

To a place of clarity, wisdom and insight

Where peace of mind, joy and happiness

Are only one thought away

Areas I can help you create results


I have always wanted to write, dance, act, teach, sculpt, present…………….but don’t know if I can, or if it’s too late.

Acknowledging its importance, not wanting to give up on it and willing to explore the options helps you to nourish your dreams. It’s never too late to listen to your heart and give yourself permission to say what you really want. To care for your hopes and dreams and find ways for expressing them in whatever way you can. Understanding how the power within you functions and recognising the difference between the voice of wisdom and the voice of fear has a dramatic impact on what you create.


I have always wanted to be in a loving relationship, get married and have a family, but I seem to attract the wrong kind of people and create difficult relationships. Or I am struggling with the relationship I am in.

We are conditioned to believe another person and marriage is what will make us complete and whole. When you discover you are already more than that and what causes you to feel insecure, this will naturally change your relationships. As you relate to yourself and others in a different way, you will make wiser decisions. Helping you to experience more ease and confidence in your ability to create the loving relationships you want.


I work hard and play hard. My life is out of balance, and the only way I know to unwind at the end of the day is through alcohol, food, drugs, porn, gambling, self-harming, shopping etc. It’s now becoming a regular habit, I am scared I can’t stop.

When there are imbalances in our lives, something is asking for our attention. When we think these unhealthy habits provide the temporary relief from pressure, stress, mental tension, tiredness, over doing, boredom etc.- we are lost.
Understanding the true source of the ease and relief that is generated makes it easier to have compassion for ourselves and the feelings of guilt and shame that usually follow. Even helping us to appreciate the wisdom behind these coping mechanisms.
New insights can stop us hurting ourselves, change behaviours that no longer serve us and find healthier ways to live.


I can’t ignore my health any more, it has steadily got worse. I am always taking care of others and forgetting to care of me. By the time, I have done everything I need, I don’t have the energy to do something useful for myself. I am tired of living like this.

What a relief to come to this point. Your body has finally got your attention and you are listening. The depleted energy wants to be refilled and nourished. As you listen to the wisdom of the body and respond to its calling by slowing down and resting, the natural restorative power of the body and mind will reciprocate by giving you insightful ways to create an easier and balanced life.


So many bad things have happened to me. I don’t think I am like other people. I am afraid there is something wrong with me, and I won’t be able to live a normal life like others.

All that has happened does not define who You are. The past only stays alive through memories, creating feelings that can frighten us. When we understand how our feelings are created, they start to lose their power over us. You ae born with wellbeing that can never be taken away from you, no matter how bad the past experiences have been. You have resilience, power and wisdom. We will focus on that.


I am conflicted about what my parents and religion want me to be and do, and what I really want. I am afraid of living their lives and not my own. I want to be true to myself and make my own choices but feel guilty.

We inherit ways of thinking through our parents, culture and religion, in much the same way they did. Everyone innocently doing the best they can with what they know. As we understand how each and everyone is creating their experience of life, we gain perspective, see with more clarity what is at play and this in turn helps us find solutions in ways we don’t yet know.

I can help you access the untapped potential of your mind, and create a happy, balanced and fulfilling personal life.

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