What this meant for me and how It can help you.

What this meant for me and how It can help you.
Success doesn’t mean
You don’t doubt your capabilities
Success doesn’t protect you
From feeling bad, wrong and inadequate
Those feelings happen to the best of us
And can show up at any time
It’s only when we think we have do something about these feelings
To feel OK
That we get lost, start seeking, looking for answers
In others knowing how we should think
Using self-improvement techniques
To change how we feel
Focusing on the past for answers for
Why we think the way we do
Unknowingly believing the answers are out there
Based on a misunderstanding of where our experience comes from
Assigning our bad feelings to others, situations and past experiences
Assigning our good feelings to achievements, circumstances and future possibilities
Innocently forgetting we are the Thinker
Not the thinking
Nor the thoughts and feelings
That create a habit of focussing on what is not working
With the challenges you are struggling with
Because you don’t know how to deal with them
Except in the moments you do know
And find the answers
Inside your self
Easily and naturally
Then forgetting
Losing sight of who you really are
Innocently looking in the wrong direction
To the outside
To feel good and to feel right
The search can be a long and arduous journey
Until you find out you are part of a deeper intelligence
That is wise and knowing
Providing you with the answers
From inside You
Reminding you wherever possible
That there is nothing wrong with the real You
Even if the stories you accumulated over the years
Based on your past experiences, conditioning and beliefs
Feel true and compelling
Yet underneath it all
Who you really are
What you are made of
Strong, powerful, resilient, capable, whole and knowing
Patiently waiting for you
To come Home
To the Awareness of
Your true nature
Gently reminding you
To honour
The life that wants to be
Lived through You
In your own unique style
Using your strengths and talents
Your gifts
Calling out to you
To live this joyous life in its full range of colours
The way you want to
Going beyond any belief, experience or circumstances
And the familiar feelings
That used to frighten you
In to believing
You can’t
YOU can
If I can
YOU can