“Thank You for recognising
your power, and sharing
your journey of realising
the magnificence of YOU!”

“Thank You for recognising your power, and sharing your journey of realising the magnificence of YOU!”

What clients say

I originally came to see Naila because I was exhausted and burned out by my heavy work schedule. It as only when I slowed down and stopped did I realise what I really wanted was to get married again. A painful marriage and a messy divorce had left me wary of relationships.

With Naila’s help and encouragement I was able to take the necessary steps to explore the possibility of having a relationship after 10 years of being on my own. She gave me the confidence and support I needed to make it happen and helped me every step of the way. I am thrilled to say she was a guest at my wedding!


Sangeeta K, Project Manager

Since joining the Wellbeing & Resilience Group that Naila runs, I feel I can rely and trust myself more. Realising I am NOT my thoughts and feelings has calmed my anger and frustration and let go of the guilt and shame I carried for so long for using in the past.

It has truly changed my life and allowed me to be vulnerable and look at things differently.

The group is refreshing and different from other groups because it is not repetitive and monotonous talking about coping mechanisms in recovery. It’s a safe place that allows us to talk about how we feel in any area of our lives and continues to point us to the health and wisdom inside us.
I would recommend it to anyone, even my enemies.


Member of Recovering Addicts Group

Before working with Naila I was struggling with self-doubt and feeling unsure about the next step in my career. I finally decided I needed support. I felt an immediate connection with Naila and her calm, caring manner put me at ease.

She listened without judgement and I was able to open up and allow myself to share what was going on for me. Naila helped me get a new perspective on my situation and come to a place where I was able to have more clarity and feel more hopeful about my career choice and life in general.

I would definitely recommend Naila as a coach. She will help point you in a new direction where you will uncover possibilities that you didn’t even know existed.


Mary S. Coach & Motivational Speaker

Naila Darr has helped me shape my life through her understanding of the nature of thought and this has had a huge impact on my relationships.

Naila’s guidance, wealth of knowledge, intuition and lack of judgement is of great benefit to the client, getting to the root of unconscious patterns displayed and acted out.

On a personal level, I am now 100 percent less angry, less reactive and through Naila’s gentle and encouraging manner I am living a much happier life.

I have better and deeper connections to family. My shift in awareness and behaviour has created great strides in bridging boundaries and old hurts that before seemed insurmountable.

Barriers and blocks within myself and my immediate circle once released have helped the people I love come towards me and heal on their awareness journey.

A domino effect which continues to have positive vibrations throughout my extended family and my work life.

I feel as free as a bird, living the life, that I only dreamed of before.

I would highly recommend Naila to help you change your life.


Cecilia H. Therapist & Health Advisor

I began my journey with Naila because I was in a self-doubting place, questioning a lot of things, one being why things haven’t happened the way I wanted to yet. In particular the question of meeting the “one” and marriage kept going around in my head and was taking over my daily thoughts in a toxic way.

Naila helped me to understand how my thinking worked and this stopped me worrying about the future. I realised I could have faith in what I wanted or continue to feed my fears. Knowing I had a choice gave me strength and calmed me down.

Attending the group sessions was helpful because I could see others struggling with their issues when they could not see where their experience was coming from, but at the same time listening to other perspectives gave me a richer understanding of what we have going for us.

Naila is a great Coach, someone who listens deeply and is generous and kind with what she shares.

I am a more secure person within myself now than I was when I first met her. I have learnt to love myself for who I am and to trust things will happen when the time is right.

This has helped me to enjoy my life now and appreciate it as it is, rather than put it on hold until I meet someone.


Noreen K. Lawyer

I was highly successful in my business but not very good with relationships. I was always attracted to the wrong type of guys and ended up feeling disappointed and let down. I got sick of living like that, so I came to see Naila. It wasn’t an easy journey but as I understood myself better, I started to make healthier choices, and learnt to say No to myself and others.

My self-esteem and self-respect grew, and it stopped being difficult to do right by me.
Naila gave me strength until I could find my own.

I am very grateful for the way she woke me up to see what was possible for me.
If you need to change any area in your life, I would recommend Naila in a heartbeat.


Linda A. Business owner

I was going through a tough divorce, and with two children to take care of, I was struggling to keep It together. Making time for someone to support me whilst juggling family responsibilities with a full-time job was a challenge but the best investment I made.

Naila was instrumental in showing me the strength and power I had to get through all this.

Understanding how my mind worked meant I stopped taking my thinking so seriously and learnt to gain perspective even when the going got tough and things looked unbearable.

I was able to be kinder to myself and became a better parent to my children. Sharing with them what I was learning helped to calm them down and give them life skills I wish someone had given me at their age.

Naila was great at understanding my fears and insecurities, but focused on my capabilities, and gently guided me to look in that direction.

I have recommended her to family and friends because I know how much they will gain from seeing her.


Natalie T. HR Manager



For making the time
To care for yourself
And create the life you want


For honouring your talents
Healing your wounds
And seeing the magnificence of You


For trusting me with
Your stories and dreams
Your pain and hopes


For sharing your journey with me
And filling me with awe
With your unique power and wisdom

I can help you access the untapped potential of your mind, and create a happy, balanced and fulfilling personal life.

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